Alicia Interviews Benjamin Mei | Archer Roose

Alicia Interviews Benjamin Mei | Archer Roose

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Alicia Interviews Benjamin Mei
I know, I know, rosé is made for year-round consumption, however, it really hits the spot when the thermometer is on the rise. Although rosé is produced in the majority of the wine producing regions around the world, Provence immediately springs to mind when anyone whispers the word rosé let alone thinks about pink wine. Archer Roose's Rosé hails from rosé's spiritual home in Provence, and truly has the personality of summer. High acidity, low tannin and fruit-forwardness all make our rosé a perfect food wine during the summer (and year round). We caught up recently with Benjamin Mei, one of our wine making partners.
Benjamin, Archer Roose is our passport to Provence at the moment. Where's the one place you like to take us?
Our estate is privileged to have magnificent views. One of the Sainte Victoire
mountain, on the Provence side. The other of the Luberon mountain on the Rhône Valley side. Thats where I like to take visitors!
That sounds beautiful! I can imagine rosé being such a food friendly wine that you could enjoy just about anything with it. What are your favorite foods in your region?
I enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, fish dishes, bouillabaisse and asian food.
Sounds delicious! Which three restaurants shouldn't be missed?
L’auberge des tilleuls in Grambois
Bamboo Thai in Lourmarin
Château de la Pioline in Aix-en-Provence

What would you say is your defining characteristics as a winemaker?
I always try to understand the terroir and pay attention to the quality of the grape for an optimal maturity. [I do] this in order to express the peculiarity of the terroir in the wine.
How is the 2021 harvest looking, are the vines recovering from the devastating frost earlier in the year?
After the spring frost in April that damaged all the vineyards across France, our vines recovered well, despite the cold spring and the changing weather. We are now awaiting the end of the flowering period and the beginning of the fruit set, in order to have a better view on the 2021 harvest quality. 
That's so good to hear. What exciting you about wine right now?
After the acquisition of Domaine Saint Jean two years ago, I am now working on the project of our new vinification cellar. That’s where the Archer Roose rosé will be vinified in the future.
And finally, which wines do you love to drink?
During the summer I prefer rosé and white wines from Provence. In the winter I prefer Burgundy wines, powerful wines from the Rhône Valley and New World wines.
Interview by Alicia Towns Franken, VP of Portfolio at Archer Roose

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