COOKING WITH ROOSE - Grilled Halloumi & Veggie Skewers | Archer Roose

COOKING WITH ROOSE - Grilled Halloumi & Veggie Skewers | Archer Roose

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Our Wanderlust recipe pairings have transported you to the birthplaces of our wines - Argentina, Chile, France, and Italy. With physical travel (hopefully) being on the horizon, we thought it only fitting to continue our recipe pairing series with Chef Adam but this time with a recipe theme of enjoyment close to home. These recipes are great for enjoyment at the park, dropped off for a back-in-the-office lunch, or out on your own patio. Archer Roose wines fit any occasion, especially those where glass doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Malbec Staycation

Chef Adam is serious about the versatility of Malbec in dressings, marinades, and the like. He says, “the deep bold flavors lend well to supporting dishes, it’s really a wonderful flavor pillar!” and we couldn’t agree more! This grilled halloumi and vegetable dish packs a full flavor punch without being heavy and keeps you reaching for more. Fresh veggies and Archer Roose Malbec (a la marinade) offer complexity, while halloumi chunks bring a crispy, salty, escape. Halloumi is an absolutely dream-worthy cheese that will have you wondering how ANY meal has been complete without these perfect little nuggets!

Grilled Halloumi and Malbec Skewers

I really love this dish because it is a simple solution to summer snacking and requires such little prep. Invited last minute to a backyard shindig? Don’t sweat it - grab Archer Roose Malbec and your favorite veggies, prep our quick marinade, and voila! Grilling is a special kind of summertime nostalgia, and these skewers are a perfect, flavorful way to bring some worldy flavors back to your home. 


Grilled Halloumi and Vegetable Skewer Recipe

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