Celebrate National White Wine Day! | Archer Roose

Celebrate National White Wine Day! | Archer Roose


National White Wine Day
We don’t necessarily *need* an occasion to enjoy wine - that’s the lovely thing about our mission to democratize this fine libation. Freedom to enjoy the varietals you like, whenever suits your fancy. We do, however, invite any and all occasions to celebrate wine! Archer Roose is celebrating National White Wine Day with sips of our Sauvignon Blanc. Made with care by winemaker Luca Hodgkinson in Casablanca Valley, Chile, our Sauvy B carries tasting notes of tropical citrus and grapefruit with a balanced minerality.
We’ve come up with a few days to celebrate National White Wine Day and thought we would spread the “cheers”!
Suave Sav Cesar Wrap
  • Wind-down after the workday with a can on your patio, front stairs (we affectionately call this “stooping”), or in the bathtub. Simple celebrations go hand in hand with our perfectly portioned cans!
  • Celebrate the birthplace of our Sauvignon Blanc with a Chilean-inspired dish from Chef Adam Moore! Visit our blog for a Chilean-Style Cauliflower Steak or the “Suave Sauv” Cesar Wrap, both pair perfectly with our Sauvy B!
  • Learn more about white wine making! We love this WineFolly article that breaks down the winemaking process into easy to understand steps!

    We hope you'll take a moment today to enjoy some sips on national white wine day, if you decide to crack an Archer Roose can tag us on Instagram @ArcherRooseWines! 

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