Wine Spectator Best of Unfiltered 2021 | Archer Roose

Wine Spectator Best of Unfiltered 2021 | Archer Roose


Wine Spectator issued a roundup of the best Unfiltered articles of 2021.

Archer Roose wines is in great company 9th position on the list of noteworthy stories!  

Here is a quick recap from the article...
From million-dollar wine heists to canned-wine celebrity takeovers to hip-hop legends, Oscar winners and sports heroes, 2021 gave us plenty to talk about
Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks appears in an ad for Arthur Roose canned wine, which she now co-owns as well. (Courtesy of Arthur Roose)
  1. Elizabeth Banks Liked the Wine So Much, She Bought (Half) the Company...
Elizabeth Banks believes that wine lovers deserve accessible wine at affordable prices, in a format that fits their lifestyle. “I feel like there’s a story around wine that there are fancy bottles, and all rituals that revolve around that—which are fabulous and deserving, by the way—and then everything else that’s cheap,” Banks told Wine Spectator. “And neither are great stories for the average wine consumer.”
Banks knows a thing or two about storytelling. The actor, producer, director and writer has been stealing scenes for nearly 20 years, from Spider-Man to The 40-Year-Old Virgin to The Hunger Games to Pitch Perfect, and she says she’s always on the lookout for new stories to tell—and unique investment opportunities. That search led her rather serendipitously to Archer Roose, a Boston-based canned wine company that partners with winemakers around the world to produce premium canned wine. Banks joined the company as co-owner and chief creative officer in May of this year, determined to help bring the brand's story, category and format to life.
Posted July 15.

Check out the full list HERE at Wine Spectator.

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