One Pot Bouillabaisse | Archer Roose

One Pot Bouillabaisse | Archer Roose

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To Provence We Go!

We invited our friend Chef Adam Moore to create recipes that bring the dining experience of our wine partners in Italy, Chile, France, and Argentina to your home! Adam uses bold, traditional flavors to celebrate the birthplaces of our wine. We hope you’ll find inspiration from bite to sip! 

Adam says, “what you can see through food is culture, and we’ve made recipes that transport you.” While I’ve never traveled outside of the United States, 2020 was my year of big travel plans. I’m constantly cooking new recipes - well, my partner is, I get to sample the new cuisine - and tasting new wines to try and transport me to the places I haven’t yet been but still miss.

I’m picturing us sitting in a charming plaza, the *clink* of a toast with friends, and the soft breeze of Provençal air. Until then - á votre santé!


Previously I knew that France had a rich wine history, but I didn’t know just how important Provence was to the history of rosé. When Romans settled Provençal land around the time of 200 B.C.E they cultivated grape vines, making Provence the very first wine region in France. It was then centuries later (we’re talking 5th century to 12th century) that grape-growing took off and more modern wine-making established itself in Provence. So was born the Provençal rosé we know and love!

After nearly a year of no travel, the wanderlust with this piece is REAL. I’ve been looking to wine for inspiration for warmer and better places to come. I was particularly inspired by a quote a friend read back to me, “wine tastes better with a view” and so off to google I went. Nearly the first result in my search of “provence coast” was a website aptly titled “Escapes on the Provençal coast”. Let me tell you, after digging around on this site (and many others, whoops) I have big travel plans for 2022, but one place really stood out to me. 

Let’s set the stage. I want you to grab a can of rosé, turn up the heat to 71F, maybe 72F and turn a ceiling or desktop fan on low. Close your eyes. Surprise! You’ve found yourself at a breezy seaside cafe, at a small wrought iron table and chair set, with a lovely seafood medley in front of you - rosé in hand. Welcome to the French coastal city of Toulon! A port city on southern France’s coast, it’s the perfect escape from the wind and snow of Archer Roose’s hometown of Boston. I dare you not to fall in-love after one search of Google Images, otherwise, I’ve done the work for you, just look below:


Chef Adam took simple and inspired and combined them with the roots of Provence cuisine to come up with this One Pot Bouillabaisse. He says, “there’s no better way to describe the food and drink from Provence than Bouillabaisse and Rosé” and we have to agree. Leaning on the fresh seafood staples of the area and the wonderful compliment our rosé offers, this dish is a super simple escape to the Mediterranean Sea. This Bouillabaisse has a beautifully colored (reminds us of rosé!) broth and is truly a traditional Mediterranean dish - flavorful, light and fresh, and flexible to work in the catch-of-the-day. Try incorporating different types of seafood, Chef Adam says he made it intentionally adaptable to compliment anything from the sea! Tag us @archerroosewines if you decide to give this lovely dish a try!

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