Global Drink Wine Day! | Archer Roose

Global Drink Wine Day! | Archer Roose

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Thirsty Thursday is Global Drink Wine Day!

This February, while we are all stuck at home trying to wait out this pandemic, I have found myself more and more dreaming of all the places I want to travel once this is over. Tonight, I plan to open a can of each of our varietals and allow myself to be transported to Mediterranean vistas of Provence and half way across the world to Casablanca, Chile and the cool Pacific Ocean. 

Days like Global Drink Wine Day actually hit home one of the things that I love most about wine: that it tells a story of a specific place. Localism is a huge movement in beer, but the ingredients are often from all over world. The result is that you could make the same beer anywhere.

At the risk of sounding like a snob: that’s just not true for wine. 

Instead, for thousands of years, winemakers have taken advantage of the specific soil, weather conditions and native yeasts to bring people wine that are evocative of a particularly place. 

While some wine companies make changes to the wine by adding additives and not thinking about the wine itself during production, we work hand in hand with our wine makers on low-intervention methods so each of our wines tell a story of a place and the people behind them. Each of our cans shares this story through our “Four P’s” on each of our cans. 

“Worldly wines for the curious” is more than just a tag line – it speaks to the consumers we are seeking out and the community we want to build.

Happy sipping! 

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