7 of the best canned wines under $10 | Archer Roose

7 of the best canned wines under $10 | Archer Roose

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7 of the Best Canned Wines Under $10 a Can

Written by Alice Chase for Newsweek

Alice says, "Archer Roose rose is delicious and refreshing all year long … tastes like much more expensive wine”

Canned wine is the best thing that's happened to wine since the invention of the corkscrew. It's convenient, portable, usually less than $10 a can, and it's a great way to drink wine in places where it isn't usually served, like the beach, the park, or the pool.

Canned wine is a fairly new phenomenon, but it quickly gained popularity in the modern wine world. While the jury is still out on whether canned wine is better than bottles, there are some distinct advantages to the canned variety. Cans are durable, portable and easier to recycle. Plus, they're cheaper than their glass counterparts. In fact, cans are actually a viable option for winemakers who produce high volumes of wine.

It can also be a great way to get your non-vino drinking friends to try something they would normally shy away from. People are often nervous about opening a bottle of wine and drinking it because it can feel like a bit of a commitment.


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