Archer Roose featured in Food & Wine!

Archer Roose featured in Food & Wine!

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"This New Canned Orange Wine Will Get Me Through Fall"

Written by Jaime Brown, Featured on



As a rosé connoisseur, I drink rosé all... year... long. So you can understand my frustration when fall rolls around, and my wine store starts pulling my fave rosés from the shelves. You can hear me grumble, "Why, wine gods, why" as I walk aimlessly through the aisles. There are many people who look forward to drinking soul-warming, full-bodied reds every fall, but I am not one of them.

So when I got an opportunity to sample the new Archer Roose limited release skin-macerated canned orange wine, I said “bring it on!” Upon my first sip, I can now say I’m forever a stan of Archer Roose Canned Rodí Rosé.


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