The "Noble Grape" Fallacy

The "Noble Grape" Fallacy

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It’s Time to Put the Noble Grapes in Their Place

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling... for many of us, these are the only grape varietals that are widely available or that we saw our parents drinking while we were growing up. These five grapes are known as the "Noble Grapes" and they have dominated the conversation in wine for the last 150 years. Because of the enduring belief that these grapes were "the best," they have been planted around the world - often at the detriment of the THOUSANDS of native varietals.
Native varietals, when grown in their home soils, often produce wines as elegant and great as the Noble Grapes." 
So why are some grapes "Noble" and others relegated the fringes of the industry with far less brand recognition?  Before World War I, the wine markets preferences were based on historical territories controlled by the British aristocracy.  These preferences were for French & German wines which were regions where “Noble Grapes” reigned.  This force has gone on to continue to shape the wine market, to elevate certain grapes and styles over others.
At Archer Roose, we are dedicated to democratizing great wines and connecting our consumers to the stories behind the wines themselves. A key piece of this is gaining trust with consumers through varieties they know (like our Argentinian Malbec and Provencal Rosé), while empowering them to explore new wines and connecting them with the wines they like best. We have to recognize so much of this industry has been about pushing consumers towards preconceived notions of what is "good" rather than letting the consumer and their taste buds decide. 

Check out our limited offering Rodi Rosé for just one example of how we are exploring the world of wine differently!

Read the full article titled "It’s Time to Put the Noble Grapes in Their Place" HERE on the New York Times website.

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