PR%F Awards Gold & Silver to Archer Roose Wines | ARCHER ROOSE

PR%F Awards Gold & Silver to Archer Roose Wines | ARCHER ROOSE


PR%F the Magazine published its January issue celebrating their Awards for 2021.  Archer Roose Wines were honored with FOUR awards!

Award categories include Century, Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Check out the full definitions from PR%F the Magazine below!

Archer Roose Bubbly and Rose were both awarded GOLD!

Our Sauvignon Blanc and Malbec were each honored with SILVER!

Check out the full issue HERE!

PR%F Award Definitions --
Century Award: Perfect.  To receive a Century Award is to be defined as perfect.  It is a 100-point perfect score, unanimously, from all judges present at the awards tasting program.  Unanimous.  Only a selection of these brands makes it to the prestigious level.  It is the ultimate accolade and the utmost level of achievement in spirits and wine brand.  Unparalleled.
Double Gold Award: Outstanding.  Spirits and wine awarded a Double Gold are beyond industry standards and celebrated with prominent elegance in their respected categories.  These brands define finesse and make a palate dance with superiority.  When you achieve this award, your brand defies gravity.
Gold Award: Great and distinguished with high praise and worthy of celebration.  Our Gold award is a high merit of achievement.  These are the brands that set the bar beyond standard heights and reach it - at all costs and are classified as some of the best brands in the arena.  Hue, Taste, Texture, Power, Length, and Echo all balance to create a superb flavor and moment.
Silver Award: Rated as good and recommended for the public, our Silver award recipients demonstrate a noticeable well-balance presence between flavor and complexity, taste, and finish.  Many of our Silver recipients can be found nationally in stores, restaurants, bars and online. 
Bronze Award: Our Bronze award recognizes these brands to be fair, well-crafted, attractive to nose, taste, and finish -- worthy of recognition.

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