Grilled Tune Niçoise Salad | Archer Roose

Grilled Tune Niçoise Salad | Archer Roose


Let's Stay Home & Cook!

Our Wanderlust recipe pairings have transported you to the birthplaces of our wines - Argentina, Chile, France, and Italy. With physical travel (hopefully) being on the horizon, we thought it only fitting to continue our recipe pairing series with Chef Adam but this time with a recipe theme of enjoyment close to home. These recipes are great for enjoyment at the park, dropped off for a back-in-the-office lunch, or out on your own patio. Archer Roose wines fit any occasion, especially those where glass doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Archer Roose Staycation


Let me start by saying Chef Adam began our chat on the Grilled Tuna Niçoise Salad with, "It's like an upgrade to the tuna salad sandwich, in the easiest and most delicious way." Tell me that doesn't get you excited!

He went on to tell me this was an intentionally easy summer dish, that's nice and light while leaning on very classic flavors. "I love rosé and seafood, especially rare or raw tuna," he said, "there's a bit of sweetness, a little bit of iron flavor, and it all balances out to be light, clean, and refreshing!" 

Rose Tuna Nicoise Recipe Image

This recipe could be your go-to showstopper! It's versatility as salad or sandwich, and the ability to sub in canned tuna makes this an easy summer staple. Whip up a batch, bring a case of rosé, and show up prepared for any outing. Date night made easy? You bet. BFF Backyard Potluck? Totally! Dress it up or dress it down with whatever you have on hand. We think we might just channel the "easy upgrade" energy of this recipe for our summer 2021 vibe!


Rosé Tuna Nicoise Salad


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