Parma Street Cart Pork Sandwich | Archer Roose

Parma Street Cart Pork Sandwich | Archer Roose

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Let's Stay Home & Cook!

Our Wanderlust recipe pairings have transported you to the birthplaces of our wines - Argentina, Chile, France, and Italy. With physical travel (hopefully) being on the horizon, we thought it only fitting to continue our recipe pairing series with Chef Adam but this time with a recipe theme of enjoyment close to home. These recipes are great for enjoyment at the park, dropped off for a back-in-the-office lunch, or out on your own patio. Archer Roose wines fit any occasion, especially those where glass doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Staycation Definition


For our first Staycation recipe, Chef Adam thought back to some of his pre-pandemic travels to Europe. “I remember when I traveled to Italy, there were so many street food carts. The one that stuck out to me was the Porquetta, which is pork belly wrapped around pork loin. It has such nice little pork bits, it’s absolutely delicious! This sandwich is kind of like the cheaters version of that since we’re using bacon and pre-cooked pork loin. What’s nice about the pairing with Bubbly is that the effervescence cuts through the richness of the sandwich.”

Bubbly Parma Recipe

Things I love about this recipe? Literally everything - you can enjoy it hot or cold, on the go or at home, and you can wrap it up super cute! The balance of salty, zesty, crispy, crunchy, and the bright effervescence of Bubbly sound absolutely delicious as one perfect meal. With this recipe, I personally picture you walking down a boardwalk or beachside, wrap in one hand and a can of Bubbly in the other, taking in the sights and sounds of people, performers, and vendors getting back to their lives.


Bubbly Parma Pork Recipe Tile


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