Chimichurri Beef Asado | Archer Roose

Chimichurri Beef Asado | Archer Roose

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We invited our friend Chef Adam Moore to create recipes that bring the dining experience of our wine partners in Italy, Chile, France, and Argentina to your home! Adam uses bold, traditional flavors to celebrate the birthplaces of our wine. We hope you’ll find inspiration from bite to sip! 

Adam says, “what you can see through food is culture, and we’ve made recipes that transport you.” While I’ve never traveled outside of the United States, 2020 was my year of big travel plans. I’m constantly cooking new recipes - well, my partner is, I get to sample the new cuisine - and tasting new wines to try and transport me to the places I haven’t yet been but still miss.

Ah, Mendoza!

Our entire recipe pairing series has brought me to places that have been romanticized across film, music, and photography, and I’ve found aspects to love in each region. Warm-breeze beaches along Chile, coastal sipping in Provence, and historical Gothic architecture of Ventian canals all call to me for post-pandemic travels. Now with the last of our Winter/Spring recipes comes a Chimichurri Beef Asado recipe, inspired by the birthplace of our Malbec - Mendoza, Argentina! Researching this city has left me with a dream-worthy impression: tree-lined streets, gorgeous plazas, world-class restaurants, and a gorgeous sunny climate. One of the more surprising things about Mendoza? The widespread French and Italian-influenced architecture across the city! 

Our Argentine winemaker Sebastian San Martin has given us a few of his favorite places to enjoy in his interview with our very own Alicia Towns Franken. Give his recommendations and the full interview a read HERE. Imagine world-class dining, locally-crafted Malbec, and the Andes in the distance showing off a lovely sunset.

In February/March of every year (well, besides years with a pandemic) there’s a two week festival to celebrate the grape harvest. Vendimia Festival, dating back to 1936 (!),  completely takes over the town with upwards of 40,000 people showing up to celebrate and enjoy world-class Malbec. When I pictured this celebration, I expected wine drinkers casually walking the streets and an abundance of street food carts and vendors. One word? Wrong! This is a full-blown festival with lights, a parade, and tons of excitement! Check out more on the festival HERE



Chef Adam began our conversation on his Carne Beef Asado dish by pointing out that Argentina is a big meat eating country and he really wanted to stay true to Argentine culture and traditional palate. During his time there, he heavily remembers the delicious grilled meats, dipping sauces, and the constant companion of a sipping wine. When thinking about how to build a dish to compliment our Malbec, Chef Adam wasn’t about to shy away from bold flavors.  The capers, parsley, and garlic play on the taste buds to compliment the rich flavors of grilled beef. He says, “Malbec stands-up exceptionally well to the fatiness of beef, while also holding up to the balancing acidity in the chimichurri.”

Tag us @archerroosewines if you decide to give this lovely dish a try!

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