Chilean Independence Day | Archer Roose

Chilean Independence Day | Archer Roose

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Archer knows where to be to catch a proper celebration! She’s traveled the world searching for libations, merrymaking, and captivating tales. Her treacherous journey through the Andes in the east of Chile on September 18th, 1872 (it might have been 1873, she says, the years were quite a blur with many good times) opened to a wondrous sound; joy! Drinking, dancing, even rodeos, were all abustle! Quickly she learned what the good spirits were all about; it was the national holiday known as Fiestas Patrias! It’s a lively celebration of independence from Spanish rule, a freedom achieved just 60 years prior when she stumbled upon their jubilation. 

While the smells of barbecue and parades full of color were a new sight for Archer, the locals were similarly impressed by the sight of Archer’s moose! Cowboy riders on horseback looked up at Archer on her moose in near disbelief as they trotted past. A woman? On a moose? She usually just laughed and went on her way - the sight of a determined woman was frequently met with skepticism and confusion. But, on her way she went. Archer was in Chile to find a purveyor of Sauvignon Blanc; she had sought out the best winemaking region in search of Sauvy B with a bright nose, bright bursts of citrus, and a balanced minerality. 

We don’t have a detailed account of the rest of Archer’s travels that day - who she met with, what she ate, what she discovered - but we’ve teamed up with Chef Adam Moore to create a tasty, modern dish that celebrates the flavors and traditions of the day! We hope you’ll find our Chilean Independence Pork Nachos as tempting and tantalizing as we do! 

Chilean Independence Pork Nachos

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