COOKING WITH ROOSE - The Suave Sauv Caesar Wrap | Archer Roose

COOKING WITH ROOSE - The Suave Sauv Caesar Wrap | Archer Roose

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Our Wanderlust recipe pairings have transported you to the birthplaces of our wines - Argentina, Chile, France, and Italy. With physical travel (hopefully) being on the horizon, we thought it only fitting to continue our recipe pairing series with Chef Adam but this time with a recipe theme of enjoyment close to home. These recipes are great for enjoyment at the park, dropped off for a back-in-the-office lunch, or out on your own patio. Archer Roose wines fit any occasion, especially those where glass doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Staycation Sauvy B
One of the most fun aspects of working with Chef Adam for our inspired recipe series has been watching him transform our wines into new tasting experiences and using them to tell new stories. This "Suave Sauv" recipe is possibly my favorite from our Spring/Summer collaboration because he utilizes Archer Roose Sauvignon Blanc as a key component in the cesar dressing. Yes! Wine in dressing! Tangy, creamy, and a bit of zip - it's a truly lovely combination you'll find yourself using over and over again. 

Sauvy B Suave Sauv Cesar Wrap
I also love this recipe for the versatility and flexibility: salad or wrap, on the go or at home, rotisserie chicken leftovers or freshly cooked (or a vegetarian alternative!), truly this recipe can delight any palate or lifestyle. I absolutely adore the serving suggestion from Chef Adam. Pack up this wrap with some fresh veggies, a can of Sauvy B, and something sweet and drop it off for your BFF's lunch break, take it to the beach, or enjoy your patio!

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Suave Sauv Archer Roose Recipe

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