Worldy Wines For the Curious

Sourced from the finest regions around the world, our planet-friendly, luxury canned wines are as well-suited for fine dining as they are for adventuring.

Archer Roose Explorer Pack with backpack of cans of Malbec, Bubbly, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Rodi Rosé, with hiking gear


She just showed up one day, and became the spokesperson we never asked for. Good thing Elizabeth knows her wine...

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Limited Edition Rodi Rosé

Unlike our traditional Provence-style rosé, our Rodi Rosé has bold orange hues reminiscent of Greek sunsets.


Discover our canned wines

Inspired by boundary-pushers and feather-rufflers like our namesake, Archer Roose, we select only the best varietals and bring them to you in a sustainable and convenient format: the can (no corkscrew needed!). Quench your wanderlust from anywhere as our wines take you on an adventurous expedition to the best wine regions around the world.



Crisp + dry with apple + pear notes

Our sparkling white wine hails from Veneto, Italy — the birthplace of prosecco. Get carried away by refreshing effervescence as you drift idly through the romantic canals of Venice. Because bubbles are best.



Balanced acidity with notes of vanilla + dark ripe fruit
Mendoza, Argentina

Slip away to the “Napa Valley of South America” with our Argentine malbec — a hallmark of the famed Mendoza region. Enjoy our soulful interpretation of this classic red wine, grown in lush vineyards overlooked by the Andes.


Rodi Rosé

Dry, cider-like acidity with jasmine, grapefruit + peach notes
Naoussa, Greece

Escape to the birthplace of Alexander the Great with our natural orange wine, Rodi Rosé. Unlike traditional rosé, it’s made in contact with grape skins as it ferments, resulting in an amber hue reminiscent of Greek sunsets.



Dry, fruit-forward with raspberry + apricot notes
Provence, France

Our rosé wine is sustainably sourced from the heart of Provence so you can truly live “La Vie en rose.” Soak up the sun on the glamorous beaches of Côte d'Azur — the French Riviera — from anywhere. Just take a sip.


Sauvignon Blanc

Tropical citrus + grapefruit with balanced minerality
Casablanca Valley, Chile

Hailing from the Casablanca Valley, our Chilean sauvignon blanc is a real porch pounder. Experience Chile as you savor this crisp “Sauvy B:” take in the mountain views and look on as cool fog rolls in off the Pacific Ocean.


Consciously Crafted Luxury Wine. In a Can.

  • Planet-Friendly + Convenient Packaging
  • Sustainably + Organically Grown Grapes
  • Respectful + Low-Intervention Production
  • Low-Sugar + Vegan-Friendly


Natural, sustainable wine made with minimal intervention, in a planet-friendly format.


We partner with winemakers who approach viticulture with a deep respect for the environment.


We scour the most renowned wine regions in the world and select only the finest quality.


We are dedicated to respectful craftsmanship and believe that we must do our part to build a better world.

The New Tradition

We created Archer Roose at the dinner table. While lamenting to our friends about how expensive quality wine is, my partner, Dave, and I began to seriously question the conventional wine model in the U.S. Could we democratize fine wine?

Partners in life and in business, we co-founded Archer Roose on the foundation of wine as it was: building relationships with winemakers, preserving terroir, and sourcing the highest-quality wine and grapes. But, we also create a new tradition of wine as it should be: with mindfulness to the planet and the modern lifestyle.

Archer Roose, a rebel of the Gilded Age, traveled the world with boundless curiosity, living by her own rules. The original oenophile, she explored far-flung wine regions on a quest for the best wines made from the finest ingredients. Our wines tell the stories of the places she visited in her travels. And our logo, Archer atop her moose, reminds us that adventures, like wine, should be a little whimsical.

Today, we continue the new tradition of her intrepid spirit, scouring the globe for affordable, sustainable luxury libations.

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Archer Roose is #MADEWITHOUT

We proudly take ‘no’ for an answer. Archer Roose is dedicated to bringing the best consciously made wine directly to you.

no bias

For too long, “good wine” has been dictated by snobs who want to condescend to, confuse, and alienate us. That’s why we created Archer Roose, so you can drink luxurious wines that taste good to you.

no waste

We package our wine in formats that are recyclable and minimize waste. And, a single-serve can allows you to enjoy one glass at a time, eliminating the unfinished bottle at the end of the night that’s bound to become oxidized.

no harmful additives

Our wines are made with no animal fining or clarifying agents, added sugars, or artificial flavoring or coloring. Our grapes are farmed without the use of harmful herbicides or pesticides, and with minimal intervention in the cellar.

no mystery

Wineries are not required to disclose any of the 70+ legal additives they can include in their wine (except sulfites). You should know exactly what you’re drinking, so we share everything that goes into our wine — and why.

Postcards from our Adventurers

All hail Archer Roose!

This brand proves that wine doesn’t have to be bottled or expensive to be delicious.

Hints of strawberry and a peachy finish make this wine scream summer!

- Kate -

Perfect for picnics or weekend trips to the beach.

I took this and Archer Roose's rose on a weekend hiking trip and it was awesome.

Also perfect for summer dinner parties!

- Sophia -

Fruity and dry with a hint of bread dough that make this representation so delicious.

Pear and green apple lead the charge into a popping and zesty mouthfeel that finishes clean.

Delicious little wine.

- Aaron -

A well-balanced wine in great sustainable packaging!

I love this Malbec for its notes of blackberry and plum - can't wait to try the other wines from Archer Roose!

- Lydia -

Craft your own adventure

Every varietal of Archer Roose wine has been meticulously selected and refined to instantly transport you to the best wine regions around the world with just one sip. Want to try them all? Mix and match your chosen destinations with the Explorer Pack.

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