A Woman Of The World


A bold woman, intent on living life by her own rules. Archer Roose represents the fearless curiosity usually found in the reckless innocence of youth or along the invisible-yet-distinct border nestled between one's Id and Ego.

The child of a bygone era, she has been known to travel the world atop a moose (you read that correctly) in search of the previously unknown and heretofore undiscovered.


Raised Amongst Wolves Archer’s Parents

Archer’s insouciant, creative abandon stems from her father, a second-generation cordwainer of Belgian descent.

Archer’s bold sense of fearless determination is a trait passed along by her mother. A woman regarded as the first one-armed, female blacksmith in all of France.


Driven as the snow Why Archer Adventures

She explores the world in the name of all of those who themselves can not seek adventure — ranging from those who won’t to the many who can’t. And so without judgement, reprehension or rebuke, Archer Roose has made it her duty to deliver an irrevocable experience of wanderlust to the prudent.

For her journeys are not simply for journey’s sake. But rather, modern day scavenger hunts, designed to discover relics in the form of the finest wines found in the farthest recesses of the globe. Gathered, embraced and distributed with the sole purpose of inspiring the masses to stoke their own adventurous fires.