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Archer Roose: Luxe Wine, No Bottle Required

Born at a dinner table. Raised by women. Made for everyone. Archer Roose is luxurious, consciously-crafted wine, made accessible to all through a revolutionary process known as “canning”. Try what Elizabeth Banks calls, "A wine that is good tasting wine.”



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Archer Roose Bubbly - 250mL Can Wine


Crisp + dry with apple + pear notes

Our sparkling white wine hails from Veneto, Italy — the birthplace of prosecco. Get carried away by refreshing effervescence as you drift idly through the romantic canals of Venice. Because bubbles are best.

Archer Roose Bubbly Rose - 250mL Can Wine

Bubbly Rosé

Aromas of roses, white fruits + wild strawberry
Veneto, Italy

Fragrant and seductive, our Bubbly Rosé calls Veneto, Italy home. A blushing stunner, this refreshing sparkling rosé wine recalls romantic evenings in Verona — home to star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet.

Archer Roose Rose - 250mL Can Wine (Still Wine) | Archer Roose Wines | Wine in Cans | Canned Wine


Dry, Fruit-forward with raspberry + apricot notes The Provence region of France
Provence, France

Our rosé wine is sustainably sourced from the heart of the Provence region so you can truly live “La Vie en rose.” Soak up the sun on the glamorous beaches of Côte d'Azur — the French Riviera — from anywhere. Just take a sip.

Archer Roose Pinot Grigio - 250mL Can Wine (Still Wine)

Pinot Grigio

Fresh, bright scents of white flowers, citrus fruits, aromatic herbs, and the sea.
Friuli, Italy

Our Pinot Grigio hails from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy’s northeasternmost region bordering the Alps. Light and uplifting, this dry white wine evokes the sunny coastal mountain slopes of its home — the perfect glass of summer. Buon viaggio!

Archer Roose Sauvignon Blanc - 250mL Can Wine (Still Wine)

Sauvignon Blanc

Tropical citrus + grapefruit with balanced minerality
Casablanca Valley, Chile

Hailing from the Casablanca Valley, our Chilean sauvignon blanc is a real porch pounder. Experience Chile as you savor this crisp “Sauvy B:” take in the mountain views and look on as cool fog rolls in off the Pacific Ocean.

Archer Roose Malbec - 250mL Can Wine (Still Wine)


Balanced acidity with notes of vanilla + dark ripe fruit
Mendoza, Argentina

Slip away to the “Napa Valley of South America” with our Argentine malbec — a hallmark of the famed Mendoza region. Enjoy our soulful interpretation of this classic red wine, grown in lush vineyards overlooked by the Andes.


Luxury Wine, in a can

Archer Roose Wine: Respectful & Low Intervention Production

Respectful + Low-Intervention Production

Archer Roose Wine: Planet Friendly & Convenient Packaging

Planet-Friendly + Convenient Packaging

Archer Roose Wine: Sustainably Grown Grapes

Grown Grapes

Archer Roose Wine: Low Sugar & Vegan Friendly

+ Vegan-Friendly

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