About Us

Who is Archer Roose?

Archer Roose was a rebel of the Gilded Age who traveled the world with boundless curiosity, living by her own rules. The original oenophile, she explored far-flung regions on a quest for the best wines made from the finest ingredients. Our wines tell the stories of the places she visited, and our logo — Archer atop her moose — reminds us that adventures, like wine, should be a little whimsical.

Our Mission

Founded in 2015 by Marian Leitner-Waldman and her husband, David, Archer Roose is dedicated to producing affordable luxury wines with minimal intervention. How? Marian and David created the concept of a traveling vineyard.

Instead of building a winery and committing to a specific geography and varietal, they wanted to offer wines from the most-renowned regions around the world. So, they fostered personal relationships with small, adventurous winemakers who preserve terroir, and approach viticulture with craftsmanship and deep respect for the environment. Through these close partnerships, we’re able to produce unique, natural wines within 20 miles of their harvest location and bring them to you.

We continue the tradition of our namesake’s intrepid spirit: scouring the globe for sustainable, luxury libations. Journey with us by experiencing our collection of consciously crafted, worldly wines.


Archer Roose’s “Traveling Vineyard”

Drink luxury wines from around the world that tell a story

Adventurous winemakers produce one-of-a-kind wines

Reduce unused capacity by sharing winery space

Import wine without packaging to reduce emissions

Planet-friendly, portable formats fit the modern lifestyle

Useful, transparent label information about our practices

Bringing wines to you through consolidated channels

Enjoy purpose-driven, unconventional & delicious wine

VS Traditional Winemaking

Ratings & industry recognition dictate wine availability

Wine snobs resist innovation & promote the status quo

Resources are underutilized, with large barriers to entry

Bulky, heavy formats add costs & emissions

Glass bottles are at odds with wine lovers’ lifestyles

Traditional labels lack substantive, interesting details

Shipping is sporadic & inefficient

Feel left out, uninformed & dissatisfied

Archer Roose Wine is Proudly #MadeWithout

Archer Roose is dedicated to bringing a better, consciously-made canned wine directly to you. We proudly take 'no' for an answer, which means:

Archer Roose Values - No Waste

no waste

We package our wine in formats that are recyclable and minimize waste. And, a single-serve can allows you to enjoy one glass at a time, eliminating the unfinished bottle at the end of the night.

Archer Roose Values - No Harmful Additives

no harmful additives

Our wines are made with no animal fining or clarifying agents, added sugars, or artificial flavoring or coloring. Our grapes are farmed without the use of harmful herbicides or pesticides, and with minimal intervention in the cellar.

Archer Roose Values - No Mystery

no mystery

Wineries are not required to disclose any of the 70+ legal additives they can include in their wine. You should know exactly what you’re drinking, so we share everything that goes into our wine.

Where in the World is Archer Roose?

Curious to find Archer Roose wines near you? Search the map. Or, quench your wanderlust from anywhere: fill up your cart and we’ll send some worldly wine straight to your door.

Postcard From the Founders

We created Archer Roose at the dinner table. While lamenting to our friends about how expensive quality wine is, my partner, David, and I began to question the conventional wine model in the US. Could we democratize fine wine?

Partners in life and in business, we co-founded Archer Roose on the foundation of wine as it was: building relationships with winemakers, preserving terroir, and sourcing the highest-quality wine and grapes. But, we also create a new tradition of wine as it should be: with mindfulness to the planet and the modern lifestyle.

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Our Adventure

Elizabeth Banks joins Archer Roose Wines as Chief Creative Officer.

May 2021

Elizabeth Banks joins the team as Chief Creative Officer. (Los Angeles, CA)

Direct to Consumer (DTC) launch of nationwide Archer Roose delivery.

Oct 2020

Online launch of nationwide Archer Roose delivery.

TD Garden arena serves our wines (Boston). Availability expands into the Southeast.

Aug 2019

TD Garden arena serves our wines (Boston). Availability expands into the Southeast.

New York City Summer Stage Serves Archer Roose Cans (Central Park, New York City)

Jun 2019

SummerStage serves cans of Archer Roose. (NYC)

Archer Roose now available throughout the Northeast.

Mar 2018

Archer Roose now available throughout the Northeast.

First can of Archer Roose appears on store shelves. (NYC)

aug 2017

First can of Archer Roose appears on store shelves. (NYC)

Archer Roose Cans in Brooklyn Bridge Park

may 2017

Archer Roose served in Brooklyn Bridge Park — a canned wine first! (Brooklyn)

Co Founders Marian & David Waldman with Archer Roose Box Wines

mar 2017

David cracks open a beer & Marian thinks Why can’t we have good wine in a can? (Park City, Utah)

Archer Roose Wine in a Box (Box Wine)

jan 2016

Archer Roose releases its first alternative-packaged wine. (NYC)

Luca Hodgkinson - Archer Roose Sauvignon Blanc Winemaker

Aug 2014

David & Marian set out to make a Traveling Vineyard. Luca joins as first partner winemaker. (Chile)

Co-founder & CEO Marian Leitner Waldman

Nov 2013

A dinner party sparks the dream of building a brand where drinkers “pay for the wine, not the packaging.” (Washington, DC)

She’s Traveled the World to Find the Best Sustainable Wines

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