Wanderlust Wine Travels Pt. 1

Wishing I Were in Veneto

Archer Roose Bubbly recipe pairing // Chicken of the Village

Wanderlust Wine Travels, Pt. 1


We invited our friend Chef Adam Moore to create recipes that bring the dining experience of our wine partners in Italy, Chile, France, and Argentina to your home! Chef Adam uses bold, traditional flavors to celebrate the birthplaces of our wine. We hope you’ll find inspiration from bite to sip! 

While I’ve never traveled outside of the United States, 2020 was my year of big travel plans. I’m constantly cooking new recipes - well, my partner is, I get to sample the new cuisine - and tasting new wines to try and transport me to the places I haven’t yet been but still miss. Adam says, “what you can see through food is culture, and we’ve made recipes that transport you.”

I’m picturing us sitting in a charming plaza, the *clink* of a toast with friends, and the breeze of fresh Venetian air. Until then - salud!

About Veneto

Let’s celebrate the easy-drinking wine and easy-cooking food of Veneto! First, to understand the dish and the wine we need to talk about their origin - Veneto, Italy. Veneto is a region in northeastern Italy stretching from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. As I was, you likely are familiar with its capital Venice and its famed canals, Gothic architecture, and lively Carnival celebrations. We’re not stopping there though - Veneto is so much more than Venice! On this trip I want you to imagine the crystal clear water of Lake Garda, the immaculate villas along the Brenta Canal, and the rocky spires at the base of the Dolomites. While researching for this pairing the thing that might have most surprised me about Italy was the grandeur of the Dolomites. Now, maybe this is just the geography major in me, but they really are the gateway to the country and, get this, a world heritage site! (Check out the Three Peaks of Lavaredo!)


Both our Bubbly and the Chicken of the Village are reminders of the everyday appreciation to be found in Veneto. While this may be a humble dish, it’s easy enough to make any weeknight special.

Checking out of Veneto and back into your kitchen - Chicken of the Village is a dish traditionally made with a lot of wine, however, I think that the fun part of home cooking is finding your own tastes and building a palate. Experiment with a small splash or half the can, what’s left is perfect for sipping! As Chef Adam would like us to remember, “historically when public water sources weren’t safe to drink beer and wine were forms of hydration!” It’s only fitting to keep the Bubbly flowing and lean into the acidity and fruit-forward flavors Bubbly has to offer this dish.

About the Pairing

Adam and his team focused on the Venetian region of Italy for the inspiration of this dish, as our Bubbly is from the birthplace of Prosecco - Veneto, Italy. Chicken of the Village is historically a peasant dish made with regional flavors and obtainable ingredients, and is great for those busy days when you need something a little special to look forward to for dinner. Celebrate a meeting well-done, home project finally completed, or even a quick date-night to be had. This classic braised chicken recipe is designed to bring the coastal ruggedness of Veneto to life with a hearty and truly one-pot dish. I would never call myself a cook, but the classic flavors and easy clean-up make this a shoe-in to be the next recipe I try! Tag us @archerroosewines if you do!


Learn more about Chef Adam and his team at https://www.flashpointinnovation.com/

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