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Crisp, cider-like acidity. Notes of grapefruit, dried apricot, and melon. Rose and jasmine on the nose.

This limited edition orange wine comes from Naoussa, Greece — an ancient wine region. Unlike traditional rosé, it’s made in contact with the pink Roditis grape’s skins as it ferments, resulting in an amber hue reminiscent of Greek sunsets. 

Consciously crafted luxury wine. In a can.

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How To Enjoy Rodi Rosé


Ideal Chill: 50-53°F


Our unique orange wine (aka skin-contact white wine) is made in the ancient style, but with a modern twist. The Roditis grapes are not pressed, instead, this amber wine is made of 100% free-run juice. It’s then wild-fermented in stainless steel tanks with native yeasts, at 69-73ºF with grape skin contact for 10 days. The wine is aged on its lees with bâtonnage for five weeks before it’s ready.

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Our bold, cider-like orange wine pairs well with equally bold foods and flavors.

  • Hard cheeses (manchego, pecorino, aged gouda)
  • Fermented foods (kimchi, natto, etc.)
  • Beef, lamb, goat, duck
  • Meaty (salmon, tuna) or fried fish
  • Curry, Morroccan and Ethiopian cuisines
  • Roasted root vegetables, wild rice

Make stress ancient history. Escape to the cradle of Western Civilization with Rodi Rosé. Yasou!


  • The Illiad by Homer (Classic Lit)
  • The King Must Die by Mary Renault (Historical Novel)
  • To axion esti / Worthy It Is by Odysseus Elytis (Poetry)
  • Why I Killed My Best Friend by Amanda Michalopoulou (Biographical Fiction)
  • The Scapegoat by Sophia Nikolaidou (Mystery)


  • Before Midnight (2013, Romance/Drama)
  • Zorba the Greek (1964, Drama/Comedy)
  • The Trip to Greece (2020, Comedy)
  • Never on Sunday (1960, Rom Com)
  • Iphigenia (1977, Drama)



  • ποδόσφαιρο (soccer in Greek)
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Marathon running
  • Track & Field (home of the Olympics)

Naoussa, Greece

Winemaker & Place

A Thessaloniki native, Thomas Anastou's relationship with wine began with a 900-year-old collection of poems by Omar Khayyam — the "Poet of Wine.” He’s now spent half of his life as a specialist working in the industry. After serving in the Greek navy, he earned a scholarship to attend National Metsovio Polytechnic, where he graduated first in his class with a Bachelor of Science in Enology and Beverage Technology.

Our Roditis grapes are grown and hand-harvested in Naoussa’s continental climate in vineyards nestled among ancient ruins in the Vermio Mountains. Roditis wines are quite terroir-driven; the unique soil allows for more integrated grapevine root systems, which produces the highest-quality grapes.

"Drink wine and look at the moon and think of all the civilisations the moon has seen passing by."
- Omar Khayyam, “The Poet of Wine”


Calcium-rich, sandy


Acidity 5.4%, pH 3.4
Residual Sugar 2.1 g/l


492 - 656 feet above
sea level


Average grapevine age:
30-40 years

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Rodi Rosé

the letter c in a rounded box

100 calories

three cubes of ice

0g sugar

wine glass

10.7% ABV

1 can = 1.5 glasses of wine