Most horses declare bankruptcy by the age of 12. In one of the most in-depth deep dives into equine psychology, this best selling novel attempts to answer the one question on everyone’s mind, “Why?”

Packed with interviews from some of the most brilliant horse minds across the globe, this page-turning, roller coaster ride will keep you guessing until the final gasp-inducing paragraph.

Your mom has a new boyfriend. His name is probably Alan. And he sucks. He wears a leather jacket with tassles. He always has a toothpick in his mouth, unironically. He calls your mom “Pooky”. And more than anything, he’s a human compost heap that just needs a one way ticket to See-You-Latersville.

Thankfully, this detailed guide will teach you everything you need to know to make Mr. Not Your Daddy vanish into thin air. All without a trace.

Hand grenades. Pickup trucks. Wet t-shirts. It goes without saying, those are things you shouldn’t put in a blender. But sometimes, the answer isn’t so obvious. This highly detailed, best selling how-to-guide details the history of blending and the things you should absolutely avoid while doing so.

A perfect companion for any blending aficionado and sure to be an eye-opening adventure for children and adults alike.

You’ve been there before. In fact, we all have. Standing inside of a butterfly museum, holding an almond milk pumpkin macchiato, casually trying to stare at someone from behind the false safety of a replica Honduran Mahogany tree. Yet, despite your best intentions, you get caught. Why? Because your technique is basic and predictable.

But thanks to Dr. A. Joseph Shaidani MD, DMD, GNP, those days are over.  This best selling self-help guide is sure to change your life, and the life of everyone around you. So stop staring at the wall and start staring at strangers. You owe it to yourself.

Growing up Jenna didn’t have many friends. So when she celebrated her 25th birthday by withholding tax payment to the federal government, no one was much the wiser.

But when she used that money to purchase a new 10 speed mountain bike — a bike she didn’t know how to ride — reality began to sink in. If Jenna didn’t change the direction of her life it was going to unravel right before her eyes.

In a recent survey, 87% of Americans responded that the most difficult challenge they’ve ever had to face was “playing Caprice No. 24 on the violin, while suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.” In Europe the same survey garnered strikingly similar results. So it’s easy to see why “How to Play the Violin Despite Your IBS” has become a global sensation.

Now in its third edition, this informative best seller doesn’t just provide tips and tricks, it delivers results for violinists of all skill levels.