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Whether you're a wine drinker, wine slinger, or just want to know more about Archer Roose, let us know how we can help.


Would your wines be considered natural?

We are strong believers in the natural wine movement and believe it plays an important role in bringing people to a purer understanding of wine. While not technically "natural wine," our wines are made with minimal intervention in the cellar, and we carefully document everything that goes into them and why. To learn more about how our wines are made, check out our tech sheets. Or drop us a line!

How do you "can age" wine"?

You don’t “can age” wine. Cans are hermetically sealed. Unlike a cork, there is no porous closure that gradually oxidates so that the wines age. 

I thought all wines tasted better with age?

Taste is subjective! It depends on what you like. Age-worthy wines typically take on markedly different profiles than fresh young wines. 

Can I taste the aluminum in the wine?

Do you taste the aluminum in beer or soda? It's the same thing with our wines. All of our cans are lined with a wine-grade liner to keep the aluminum from leeching into the wine.

Should I drink Archer Roose out of a can or glass?

Ask yourself: would you drink wine from the bottle or pour it into a glass? 
Our wines rival great bottled wines for quality and are best enjoyed out of a glass. But go for what the occasion calls for - if you are on the go, then out of the can tastes delicious too!

Does your wine contain sulfites?

Yes, our wines do contain sulfites, though less than you would find in your average serving of french fries or glass of OJ. Minimal sulfite use plays an important role in ensuring our wine won't oxidize prematurely, or develop harmful bacteria that can lead to off-flavors or characteristics.