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Rodi Rosé

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Dry and fruit-forward, notes of pink grapefruit, dried apricot, peach, and melon.

Floral accents on the nose: rose, jasmine flowers. Crisp, cider-like acidity.

12 Cans = 4 bottles of wine
24 Cans = 8 bottles of wine 

100% Roditis Skin-Contact White Wine
10.5% Alc/Vol
Naoussa, Greece
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Blend: 100% Roditis

Archer Roose is proud to continue our work of pushing the boundaries within the wine industry by introducing our very special Rodi Rose. Unlike a traditional, Provence style rose, our Rodi rose is white wine made in contact with the grapes’ skins alongside the juice as it ferments. This results in a wine with a bold orange hue reminiscent of greek sunsets.

Our Rodi rose evokes a palate similar to Spanish ciders. Experience it for yourself by picking up a can and joining us as we explore what the world of wine has to offer when you dare to break away from tradition.

Thomas Anastou

Thomas Anastou’s relationship with wine began with a collection of poems written over 900 years ago by the “Poet of Wine” Omar Khayyam. These days, Thomas has spent half his life working in wine. After serving in the Greek navy, he earned a scholarship to attend National Metsovio Polytechnic, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Enology and Beverage Technology and was first in his class. A Thessaloniki native, Thomas specializes in wines made in and around Naoussa, Greece.

This wild-fermented Greek white wine was made with native yeasts, 100% free run juice and ten days of skin contact
Naoussa is the cradle of civilization, the first culture to commercialize wine trade, and the birthplace of Alexander the Great
Thomas Anastou was inspired to make wine by a collection of 11th-century poems he read while serving in the Greek navy
Roditis (row-DEE-tiss) is a pink-skinned white wine grape, known for its delicate, perfumed nose and cider-like acidity
Mouth-watering varietals to tickle your finer fancies while you pinch a pretty penny.
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